Manchego cheese that you can freeze

Can You Freeze Manchego Cheese?

You can freeze Manchego cheese for up to six months, You’ll want to wrap the cheese in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and keep it in a freezer bag.

Woman dotting dessert with butter

What Does ‘Dot With Butter’ Mean?

If a recipe says to “dot with butter,” just place small dots or pieces of butter on your dish before you put it in the oven. But you can get more technical.

Veal stock substitute

4 BEST Veal Stock Substitutes

Pork stock, chicken stock, turkey stock, and chicken and beef stock are all excellent veal stock substitutes for when you need an alternative.

Man researching on computer if he can put glass in an air fryer

Can You Put Glass in an Air Fryer?

As long as the glass is marked oven-safe, you can probably use it in the air fryer. But even oven-safe glass can shatter in an air fryer. Here’s why.

Sour cream that you can microwave

Yes, You Can Microwave Sour Cream

You can microwave sour cream as long as you take it out of the original container and you put it in a microwave-safe dish or microwave it with leftovers.

Pyrex glass container full of potatoes that can go in the freezer

Can Pyrex Go in the Freezer?

Pyrex is built for extreme temperatures, but if you just took the dish out of the oven, you should let it cool off before you put it in the freezer.

Female chef upset after she forgot to add vanilla

You Forgot To Add Vanilla: Now What?

If you forgot to add vanilla to your dish, the food will likely lack some important flavor. Here are some substitutes you can use if you’re out of vanilla.

Ice cream cake that won't last for very long

How Long Does Ice Cream Cake Last?

Even if you put leftover ice cream cake in the freezer, it will only last about a week, since ice crystals will eventually make it taste awful.

Grill with bad charcoal burning

Does Charcoal Go Bad?

Charcoal cannot “go bad,” but it can become less effective if it contains additives or is allowed to soak up moisture.

Dragon fruit that is very expensive

Why Dragon Fruit Is So Expensive

Dragon fruit is expensive because of imbalanced supply and demand, its health benefits, expensive shipping fees and taxes, and how the fruit is grown.