Dish of ratatouille prepared after chef learned what ratatouille tastes like

What Does Ratatouille Taste Like?

Ratatouille is made solely with vegetables. It tastes fresh and sweet, with a bit of acidity. Here are some tips on making your own ratatouille.

Slices of prosciuttini

What Is Prosciuttini?

Prosciuttini means “small prosciutto” in Italian. It is a salted, dried, and spicy ham that is taken from the pig.

Knob of butter melting in pan

How Much Is a Knob of Butter?

A knob of butter is usually an unspecified amount. Americans generally use one or two tablespoons when a recipe calls for a knob of butter.

Brie cheese purchased after cook learned how to ripen brie cheese

How To Ripen Brie Cheese

Ripening brie cheese is easy, but there are some important rules you should follow. Here’s what you need to know.

Cooked trout with bones that you can't eat

Can You Eat Trout Bones?

You shouldn’t eat trout bones. Read this to learn how to EASILY debone a trout while preserving most of the meat.

Bowl of machitos

What Are Machitos?

Machitos are a specialty Mexican food dish made from specific animal organs. Here’s what you need to know.