You Can’t Use Your Blender Without the Rubber Ring

At the base of your blender is a rubber ring, called a gasket, in the part that attaches to the blender itself and keeps the unit tight as you work with it.

Can use your blender without this rubber gasket?

No, you can’t.

Inside of blender with rubber ring

Why Is the Rubber Ring So Important?

The main purpose of the gasket is to keep your blender from leaking, so if you ever remove it, you need to make sure that when you put it back, it is nice and tight. In fact, it is good to remove this ring occasionally and make sure it gets washed thoroughly, but it has to fit back in the same way it was before you removed it. Over time, the ring can deteriorate due to food debris and constant use, which means you will likely have to replace the gasket periodically.

In short, your blender’s gasket produces a tight seal that helps keep all water and most food from getting in the way. This, in turn, not only helps prevent any leaks from occurring but also ensures you won’t hear a funny sound every time you blend something.

Using your blender without the rubber ring can cut the life of the blender short.

How To Find the Gasket

To locate the rubber gasket, unscrew and remove the base of the blender. The blender motor is on the inside of this base, and the cutting blades sit on top. The gasket should be around the area where the blades are located. It’s a good idea to wash it regularly because even though it’s a tight fit, some foods can still fit underneath it. You can either wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher if the user manual says that’s all right.

In a standard blender, you can see the rubber piece as soon as you remove it from the blender, but in a bullet blender, you’ll have to use a butter knife to pop off the ring. You can simply use your fingers to snap it back into place. Whatever type of blender you have, keep the gasket intact if you don’t want your blender to leak.