Can Pyrex Go in the Freezer?

Pyrex makes glass dishes to store food in, and if you’re curious about whether or not Pyrex can go in the freezer, the answer is yes, it can. Pyrex is made to withstand all types of extreme temperatures, so the freezer is never a problem.

What Is Pyrex?

Person holding Pyrex glass container full of vegetables that can go in the freezer

The Pyrex brand was developed by Corning Inc. in the early 1900s. It was designed to go from the freezer to the oven without breaking or shattering, so these are very sturdy containers that you can use for all types of food.

These are clear containers made out of borosilicate glass that come in many different shapes and sizes.

You can store them in the refrigerator or the freezer, and they can go in the microwave for when you need to heat up your food.

Before we go any further, it’s good to know that the term “Pyrex” can refer to a brand of glass containers or simply describe glass containers that are heat-resistant. The difference is that when you choose the brand Pyrex, the containers are made out of borosilicate glass, while most glass containers that people call Pyrex are made out of tempered soda-lime glass.

Which one is better? The Pyrex brand is better simply because they are higher quality and much less likely to break when going from one temperature to another.

While it’s possible to put Pyrex in the freezer, it’s best to allow the container to cool down a bit first. In other words, don’t put a hot Pyrex container straight into the freezer. Try to put only containers that are as close to room temperature as possible in the freezer. While Pyrex containers are made to handle extreme temperatures, there is a limit to what they can do. Allowing a container to cool down before placing it in the freezer is just a smart thing to do.

A Few Things You Should Know

As already mentioned, hot Pyrex containers should never go directly into the freezer.

In many instances, you can simply take it out of your freezer later and let it thaw out on your countertop.

Pyrex glass container with cooked meat that can go in the freezer

If you want to make sure your Pyrex glass dish doesn’t crack or explode, follow these rules:

  • Never put a hot dish on an uneven surface.
  • Always avoid quick or uneven heating.
  • Always use a lid, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil to close the container in order to prevent freezer burn.
  • When taking the container out of the oven, put it on a pot holder and not directly on your countertop.
  • After taking the container out of the freezer, allow the container to sit out and get closer to room temperature before putting it in the oven.

While Pyrex dishes are meant for extreme temperatures, the temperatures shouldn’t be too extreme (which can sometimes be the case with an air fryer). Always use caution when handling your Pyrex containers. Nevertheless, you can usually still put these containers in the freezer when the dish is at room temperature or a little cooler and not worry about them exploding or breaking.

The bottom line is that Pyrex is much stronger and more reliable than standard glass products, so while it isn’t completely unbreakable, it is made to accommodate extreme temperatures much better than regular glass can.

While you are certainly able to place one of these containers in the freezer or the oven, it’s good to remember that anytime you go from very cold to very hot, or vice versa, there is always the possibility that the container could either break or even shatter.

Pyrex Plastic vs. Glass Containers

Pyrex also makes plastic containers. These plastic containers can also go in the freezer. However, Pyrex plastic containers cannot go into the oven.

Use Common Sense

Pyrex containers have been around for more than 100 years and are extremely popular due to their reliability. To be safe, always let the dish get close to room temperature before going from the hot oven to the freezer and vice versa. A little common sense can keep you safe in the kitchen when you’re working with these containers.