Can You Ruin a Pizza Stone? [Read This Before You Clean Your Stone!]

Pizza stones are amazing because they’re like small brick ovens that cook the perfect pizza every time. They are usually made out of a porous stone, ceramic or cast iron. Because they are porous, you have to know exactly how to take care of them.

Cooked pizza on pizza stone that can be ruined

Can You Ruin a Pizza Stone?

Yes, you can ruin a pizza stone. In fact, some of the things you might think are good for the stone are actually dangerous for it. This includes cleaning your pizza stone with soap and water and even putting it in the dishwasher. There are easier and more practical ways to clean your pizza stone.

How To Ruin a Pizza Stone

There are numerous ways to ruin your stone, but the main way is to expose it to soap and water. Remember that pizza stones are porous and therefore cleaning them the usual way can result in a soap flavor, especially if you do it more than once. The company that makes the stone will recommend a good scrubber to remove the stuck-on ingredients.

Some ways to ruin a ceramic or standard stone is to:

  • wash it with soap or any other type of cleaning liquid
  • submerge it in water and/or put the stone in the oven before it is dry

As you can see, water is your pizza stone’s enemy. Placing your stone in water at any time can potentially ruin the stone due to its porous nature.

Other Tips To Care for Your Pizza Stone

Cleaning your beloved pizza stone after each use can prevent food items from building up on the surface of the stone. The best way to do this is to use something thin that can slide underneath the stuck-on pieces of food and eliminate them. Some abrasive cleaning items will work, but try to use what the manufacturer recommends just to be on the safe side.

Make sure the stone has completely cooled off before you clean it. If you must use a tiny amount of water, make sure you use a cloth that is damp and almost dry, not wet.

If your stone gets darker in color the longer you use it, you’re doing something right. Grease and oils from the pizza will absorb into the stone itself and give it that color, so it’s essentially a badge of honor!

Another alternative is to place a sheet of parchment paper between the stone and the pizza during the cooking process, but your results may vary with this and there’s no guarantee that this will keep your stone in good shape.

And if you plan to make your own homemade pizza dough, make sure you know how long pizza dough can sit out before cooking.