7 DELICIOUS Ways to Use Leftover French Toast Batter

French toast is something nearly everyone loves, but one of its challenges is deciding what to do with the leftover batter.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with leftover French toast batter, you can use this leftover batter in a number of recipes, including casseroles, bread pudding, and even cheater crepes.

Person dipping bread in leftover French toast batter
It’s not uncommon to end up with some leftover French toast batter after breakfast.

What Can You Do with Leftover French Toast Batter?

You have several options when you make French toast and have extra batter left over. The first thing you can do is make more French toast until you run out of batter. But what if you don’t like leftover French toast or you’ve run out of bread? Then it’s time to look for other recipes so you won’t have to throw out the batter. Considering that French toast batter doesn’t last long even if kept in the fridge in an airtight container, it’s a good idea to do something immediately with the batter so you’re not throwing it out in the end.

Ideas for Using Leftover French Toast Batter

Here are a few things you can do with your leftover French toast batter:

  • Make a French toast casserole. Simply layer your already cooked French toast slices with custard and eat. It’s a delightful dish that you can bring to a potluck supper or eat for brunch.
  • Make bread pudding. Make it the way you normally would, except use cubed cooked French toast instead of regular bread.
  • Make cheater crepes. Set a griddle to medium heat and add some whipping cream to the batter. Soak flour tortillas in the batter and fry on the grill.
  • Make some caramel toast and ice cream. Dip bread into the batter, then cover with breadcrumbs. Fry the bread in oil until the edges are brown. Then divide the bread in half and top with ice cream, along with caramel and cocoa powder or any other ingredient that sounds good.
  • Make some monkey bread. Coat a pan with baking spray and break some biscuits into small pieces. Dip those pieces into the leftover French toast batter, then place them in the pan. Heat up some butter and syrup, then drizzle that over the biscuits. Bake until they’re golden brown. Serve with sugar and syrup.
  • Make a unique dessert. Cut bread into large bread cubes, then dip them in the batter. Fry in a pan and place in a bowl. Cover the cubes with cream, sugar, syrup, honey, or anything else that complements the taste of the French toast and reminds you of dessert.
  • Make battered chicken nuggets or chicken strips. Use the same flour mixture as you usually do, but dip the chicken in this batter instead of your usual batter. It gives the chicken a unique and yummy taste.

You can use leftover French toast batter in dozens of recipes. These recipe instructions are found online and in various cookbooks. Using this type of batter in place of regular batter can give any dish an amazing flavor and texture. You can even make up some recipes of your own!

French toast casserole made using leftover French toast batter
French toast casserole is creative and delicious!

Can You Save Leftover French Toast Batter?

You can save leftover French toast batter as long as you follow a few simple rules:

  • Should you refrigerate leftover French toast batter? Yes. Place the French toast mixture in an airtight container and then in the refrigerator. Just make sure you use the batter within 24 hours after putting it there, since it won’t last much longer than that.
  • How long can you keep French toast batter in the fridge? Up to 24 hours is the recommendation from experts. Although most of its ingredients last awhile in the fridge, the combination of ingredients makes it difficult to use after 24 hours.
  • Can you freeze leftover French toast batter? It is not recommended that you freeze the batter that’s left over from your French toast. You can, however, freeze cooked French toast by putting it in an airtight bag and then placing it in the freezer. If you do this, you should eat it within three months.

How To Reuse Leftover French Toast Batter

If you decide to keep your batter in the fridge for 24 hours, you can reuse it after that time period in numerous ways. There are tons of delicious recipes you can use this batter for, but keep in mind that leftover French toast batter will have small pieces of bread in it and may not be suitable for all recipes. Carefully consider your recipe and whether or not you can use this batter in it or if it would be better to start with a new mixture.