Why Dragon Fruit Is So Expensive

People often wonder why dragon fruit is so expensive. The reasons have to do with supply and demand, the many health benefits of the fruit, expensive shipping fees and taxes, and even the way the fruit is grown. Let’s take a look at these reasons in more detail.

Dragon fruit that is very expensive

5 Reasons Why Dragon Fruit is Expensive

1. Supply vs. Demand for Dragon Fruit

When the demand for a certain food exceeds the supply of that food, it’s easy for growers to charge a little more for it. This is one of the reasons dragon fruit is so expensive. There’s a huge demand for it, but the supply is unable to keep up with that demand.

2. The Growing Conditions Involved

First of all, these exotic fruits have to be taken care of manually, which means labor costs are always high. Moreover, farmers have to wait about three years from the planting of the cactus to the time when the first fruit appears. In the process, many of the plants will die due to weather and other factors, which means farmers have to devote a lot of time and money to this fruit before they get any financial rewards from it.

3. Storage Challenges and Shelf Life of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit has a notoriously short shelf life, and once you get it home, you have to eat it within three days. If you’re going to buy this type of fruit, it’s recommended that you purchase one that isn’t quite ripe, then wait for it to ripen. Store owners must store the fruit in temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This all contributes to its high price.

Sliced dragon fruit that is very expensive

4. Shipping Fees and Taxes Involved

Most of the dragon fruit sold in the U.S. is shipped from Vietnam, so you can imagine what the taxes and shipping costs are like to get it over here.

The trees that grow the fruit can also be found in Central and South America, Israel, and Mexico, so high taxes and shipping fees are the norm. Naturally, these expenses have to be passed on to the consumer.

5. Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Thanks to a very effective marketing campaign, the demand for dragon fruit has risen quite a bit in recent years. The marketing is helped by the fact that the fruit is so healthy for you, with dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, antioxidants, and protein.

What Is Dragon Fruit?

The technical name for these fruits is “pitaya.” It is an exotic plant that has a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma. Its pinkish-red color allows it to stand out among other fruits, and when you cut it open, it has a white color on the inside with tiny black seeds in it. Most people eat it straight out of the peeling, but you can also scoop it out and cut it into chunks and eat it with other fruit or even with yogurt.

And the fruit is indeed expensive. The average dragon fruit can cost $5–$10 per fruit, and prices as high as $20 have also been recorded.

Most people save this type of fruit for special occasions. Nevertheless, it is a delicious fruit you’re bound to love, and now you know some of the reasons why the price of dragon fruit is so high.