Can Meat Slicers Cut Raw Meat? Only if You Follow These Rules

A device that slices all types of meat can be a true miracle worker in the kitchen. They’re easy to find because there are meat slicers made for home use as well as those made for industrial or commercial use. Some of the latter can be used for home use, too, since they’re a little lighter than other types of food slicers. If this is an appliance you want in your kitchen, you’d be wise to research them carefully before buying.

Meat slicer that can cut raw meat

Can Meat Slicers Cut Raw Meat?

Yes, meat slicers can cut raw meat. Although there are no food slicers specifically made to cut raw meat, you can still use regular slicers to do so. This is, of course, provided that you use the appliances correctly and follow a few basic rules. Fortunately, these rules are easy to follow, so you shouldn’t have problems cutting any type of raw meat with your food slicer.

Why Raw Meat Is Difficult To Cut With a Meat Slicer

Raw meat is difficult to cut with a meat slicer because the job is messy when you’re dealing with raw foods, which tend to be very soft and somewhat mushy. When cutting raw food, the slicing won’t be clean and even but instead sloppy and somewhat uneven. Keep in mind there are also foods that should never be cut with a food slicer, including:

  • Frozen meat
  • Foods with seeds in them (except for tomatoes)
  • Foods with bones in them
  • Foods that are too big for the slicer

In addition, never slice cooked food right after slicing raw foods because there is always a chance of cross-contamination. If you can clean and sanitize the blades in between the foods that need to be sliced, you can slice both of them, but this is often time-consuming and impractical.

How To Cut Raw Meat With a Meat Slicer

Meat slicer cutting raw meat

Cutting raw meat with a food slicer can be a little tricky, but you can make it easier on yourself by following a few simple rules. One of the easiest and most common ways to use a food slicer with raw foods is to place the food in the freezer for roughly 10 minutes so that it is partially frozen. Not fully frozen, of course, but partially frozen. This makes the food much easier to cut with the slicer. If you take it out after 10 minutes and it’s still difficult to work with, put it back in the freezer for another 10 minutes.

Another tip to keep in mind is to use a sharp blade, and use the right blade. For instance, you won’t want a serrated blade if you’re slicing meat very thin. The wrong blade, or a dull blade, will gloss over raw meat and simply make it mushier than it already is. If the meat is partially frozen and you use a nice sharp blade, this will make it easier to slice the meat efficiently.


A slicer for meat is not a perfect appliance and is not meant to do certain things. This includes cutting raw foods, although it is possible to still do this if you follow a few rules first. If the job is too messy, it’s usually a sign that the meat is too soft or you’re trying to slice a product that wasn’t meant to be sliced in the first place.