Can You Cook Pizza on Parchment Paper?

There are many ways to cook a pizza. Some methods are easier than others. Here, we’re focused on whether you can cook pizza on parchment paper.

Yes, you can cook pizza on parchment paper, but if you do, the pizza might not come out as crispy as you want it to be. It can also sometimes be difficult to keep the paper from disintegrating on your pizza.

You Have Different Options Available to You

Cooked pizza on parchment paper

You can use a pizza stone or simply place the pizza directly on an oven rack. Alternatively, you can use a regular baking sheet. Parchment paper is often used to transfer the raw pizza to a preheated stone or baking sheet. If you place flour on a pizza peel, you can use it to simply slide the pizza onto the hot pizza stone in the oven.

If you include a piece of parchment paper on a stone or baking sheet, the crust may not turn out the way you expect it to. If you use a stone for your pizza, the pizza stone will draw moisture from the dough while the pizza is being cooked. This means you get a nice crispy crust in the end. When you use parchment paper, some moisture will travel through it since it isn’t waterproof, but your crust may not come out as crispy as you like it to be.

Using Parchment Paper To Cook Pizzas

Chef adding toppings to pizza dough after learning that you can cook pizza on parchment paper

The best way to use a sheet of parchment paper to cook your pizza is to spread out the paper on your countertop, then place your pizza dough on top of it. After you place the sauce and ingredients on top of the dough, carefully pick up the parchment paper and place it on your stone in the oven. Remember that a pizza stone always needs to be preheated before you cook the pizza. This is the best way to get the crust you want and get the cheese and other pizza toppings to be nice and chewy, making for a perfect pizza.

The bottom line is you can certainly use parchment paper when you’re making a pizza, and the pizza will still come out good. That being said, your crust may not be as crunchy as it would have been had you used just a stone or even one of the many types of pizza ovens on the market today. Cooking pizza with parchment paper will cause your pizza crust to be less crispy and crunchy. Your cooked pizza will still taste good, of course, but the texture will be a little different from what many crispy pizza lovers prefer.